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Aliseda Puts 1,700 Premises and Offices Up For Sale and Offers Free Renovations

The real estate servicer owned by Blackstone and Santander has released onto the market a portfolio comprising 1,235 commercial premises and 465 offices worth 135 million euros.

Edificio vivienda local comercial aliseda 1

Aliseda Inmobiliaria, the company controlled by Santander and Blackstone, has put 1,700 commercial premises and offices up for sale at discounted prices to boost the economic recovery after the pandemic. In addition, the servicer is offering to pay for some of the refurbishment costs in each case, either for businesses or to convert the assets into homes or logistics properties.

The value of the assets in the portfolio exceeds 135 million euros. The bulk of the properties are commercial premises, specifically, 1,235 assets, whilst the remaining 465 are offices.

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