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Aena Postpones its Search for Partners for its Real Estate Plans Until 2021

The airport manager will resume the tenders for the development of its real estate plans for Barajas (Madrid) and El Prat (Barcelona) airports in 2021 after the delay caused by the pandemic. The first phase will focus on logistics.

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Plans for the extension of Madrid’s airport.

The airport manager Aena has decided to reactivate the real estate projects that it plans to develop around its main airports in Spain. And having defined that the priority is to develop the logistics part of the plan first, since it is the sector that has emerged as a clear winner from the health crisis, the next step is to seek partners.

To do this, Aena has chosen the public tender model, which, according to a presentation submitted to the CNMV, is what it plans to launch in mid-2021: “According to current forecasts, we estimate that the process to select partners through a tender could be relaunched during the first half of 2021″.

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