Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Aena Asks Willis to Move Onto Land Next to Jerez Airport

Aena has asked Willis Lease Corporation to move its maintenance and scrapping plant in Jerez onto land near the airport, but which does not belong to the semi-public state company. Aena would bear the connection costs between the land and the airport's runway.

Jerez Airport.

After the threat made by Willis Lease to the Andalucían Government that it will leave the autonomous region and move to another country, Aena has asked the North American company to move its maintenance and scrapping plant in Jerez onto land near the airport, but which does not belong to the semi-public state company, according to the Diario de Jerez.

Aena would bear the cost of connecting the land to the airport runway by building a taxiway. And by way of example, it points to Airbus’s facilities at Sevilla airport, which are located outside the airport itself and which are accessed through independent access across land that Aena itself gave up.

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