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Aedas: “We Have Land to Build On Until 2023, But We Are Continuing to Analyse Opportunities”

The property developer's CEO is optimistic about the future after the firm managed to sell more than 106 homes in June and expects to sell a similar figure in July.

David Martínez CEO de AEDAS Homes
David Martínez, CEO at Aedas.

Selling almost 5 houses a day, at an average price of 370,000 euros, sounds like a pipe dream in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis in Spain. However, the property developer Aedas Homes – created just three years ago by the investment fund Castlelake – achieved just that in June and hopes to repeat the spectacle in July.

“Between 1 April and 30 June -the first quarter of our fiscal year following the recent change in our accounting year-end -, we closed 127 sales of which 106 were made in June. And we hope to repeat that figure in July,” said David Martínez, CEO of Aedas, during an online meeting with analysts attended by Brainsre.news.

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