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Aedas Renews a €150 Million Loan Until 2022

The property developer owned by Castlelake has reached an agreement with its creditors to extend the term of the loan, which was due to expire this summer, until 2022.

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The housebuilder Aedas Homes has signed an agreement with its financial institutions to extend the term of a loan amounting to 150 million euros that was granted in August 2018 and which was due to be repaid next month.

Specifically, it is a corporate loan amounting to 150 million euros that the firm signed with Citi, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Liberbank and EBN Banco, to finance land acquisitions. The new corporate loan has a term of up to 2 years and the negotiations to extend its term had begun before the outbreak of the Covid crisis, explain sources at the property developer.

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