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Aedas Obtains the Green Light to Begin its Largest Project, Comprising 210 Homes, in Majadahonda

The City Council of the Madrilenian town has approved the building permit for Residencial Qian, which will be the firm's largest development, following three years of paperwork.

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Three years on, Aedas has received the green light from Majadahonda City Council to start work on the Residencial Qian development. With its 210 homes, Qian is the largest project that the property developer currently has in progress. It is expected to generate revenues of around 140 million euros for the firm.

On 27 July, Aedas received the 36 pages that make up the license for the project, a document that puts an end to more than a decade of controversy. That is because the plot where the development is going to be built is land that Esperanza Aguirre claims led her to take the lid off of the Gürtel case, according to El Confidencial.

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