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Aedas, Neinor, Metrovacesa, Habitat & Vía Célere Delay Client Collections by 2 Months

The big five property developers have agreed to postpone collection of the next two monthly payments from customers who so wish.

Viviendas playa de Aedas Homes en Dénia Alicante
One of Aedas Homes’s developments on the coast.

The companies specialising in selling homes –Aedas Homes, Habitat Inmobiliaria, Metrovacesa, Neinor Homes and Vía Célere -, have jointly agreed to postpone the collection of the next two payments from any clients who so wish.

In a joint statement, the companies highlight the seriousness of the situation triggered by Covid-19. “We want to contribute to minimising, as far as possible, the negative economic effects that clients may be suffering due to the global health crisis caused by Covid-19,”.

They also emphasize that this initiative is rooted in ‘social responsibility and commitment’ and seeks to have a positive impact on families.


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