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Aedas Invested €132 Million in Land Last Year

Over the last fiscal year, Aedas, a developer controlled by Castlelake, invested 132 million euros in acquiring land, where it will be able to build up to 1,945 homes.

Sergio Galvez Director General de Estrategia Inversiones y Desarrollos Alternativos de AEDAS Homes

Aedas Homes has invested 132 million euros in land, where it intends to develop up to 1,945 homes. The company headed by David Martínez invested the amount over the past fiscal year, from April 2020 to March 2021. According to Sergio Gálvez, Aedas Homes’ General Manager for Strategy, Investments and Alternative Developments, the team anticipated some new opportunities in the coming cycle that began during the first quarter of last year, which “has allowed us to execute the investment plan, beating [our] objectives in both quality and quantity.”

The developer acquired land in Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Palma de Mallorca, Pamplona, and Granada, which it considers to be the country’s most dynamic areas.  In addition, more than 90% of the land acquired is finalised or ready to start construction, so the company will be able to begin work immediately.

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