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Ádsolum Closed 2022 With a Portfolio Worth €488 Million & Starts 2023 with New Investment Vehicles for BTR & BTS

Over the coming weeks, Ádsolum is going to unveil its new Strategic Plan for 2023-2026, which will include the creation of new vehicles specialising in Build to Rent (BTR) and Build to Sell (BTS).


The manager Ádsolum, part of the Altamira doValue group, closed 2022, its first year as an autonomous operator, with a portfolio of 49 new construction developments under management. In total, it has more than 2,300 homes valued at 488 million euros in its portfolio.

Of those 49 developments, Ádsolum ended last year with a live portfolio of 33 developments under management or marketing, pending completion and final delivery. In total, that live portfolio contained 1,700 homes worth 364.37 million euros. In addition, the brand has delivered another 16 new construction developments and 692 homes, worth 124.20 million euros.

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