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Adif will Receive €200M in 2021, the First Payment for the Plots in Operación Chamartín

In total, DCN must pay the railway manager €984 million, plus €261 million in interest over 20 years, according to the agreement signed by both entities.

Operación Chamartín de Distrito Castellana Norte

Adif will receive €200 million in 2021, by way of the first payment for the sale of the land on which Operation Chamartín is going to be built. In total, the company is going to charge the company Distrito Castellana Norte (DCN) €1,245 million for the transaction, according to Cinco Días.

Operation Chamartín has finally started, 26 years after it was conceived. The regional approval of this macro project, now called Madrid Nuevo Norte, last week fired the starting gun for this urban development, which will involve the urban regeneration of an area spanning almost three million square metres.

Nevertheless, even though the bureaucratic process has now begun, the railway manager does not expect the milestones for the first payment of €216 million euros to be met this year and so has delayed the forecast for its receipt until the first quarter of 2021.


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