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ActivumSG (ASG) Buys the Hotel Operator Odyssey and Plans More Hotel Purchases

This represents the second corporate acquisition by the fund, which is managed by ASG, following its purchase of the Nobu Hotel in Barcelona in December.

Nobu hotel barcelona Fuente Nobu hotel 1024x658 2
Hotel Nobu, in Barcelona.

ActivumSG Capital Management, which operates in Spain through the manager ASG, has acquired the hotel operator Odyssey Hotel Group through its latest fund. “The recovery of the hotel industry from the Covid-19 pandemic in select markets is key for ActivumSG Real Estate Fund VI”, point out sources from the firm.

With the operation, the fund ActivumSG Real Estate Fund VI will boost its activity as the manager of the Odyssey platform in terms of future hotel investments. Saul Goldstein, CEO and Founder of ActivumSG, explained that “we are looking to accelerate the growth of the company through acquisitions and more hotel openings despite the crisis. We see the recovery of business and leisure travel in Europe’s most resilient hotel markets as a great opportunity for our latest fund”.

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