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ACS Will Carry Out the Renovation of the ‘Torres de Colón de Mutua Madrileña’

The objective of the insurance company is to start the renovation work on the iconic office building in Madrid this year so that it will be completed in 2022.

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ACS, through its subsidiary Dragados, has been appointed to carry out the renovation work of the ‘Torres de Colón de Mutua Madrileña’, in the Spanish capital’s central square of the same name. In this way, the insurance company will fulfil a new milestone in the transformation of the office building that, with an investment budget of 65 million euros, will become one of the most modern skyscrapers in Spain.

The insurance company chaired by Ignacio Garralda had planned to select the contractor to lead the construction at the beginning of this year, but the Covid-19 health crisis forced those plans to be delayed. The company’s objective is to begin the renovation work this year so that it will be completed in 2022, according to Expansión.

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