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Acciona Acquires a Large Batch of Land from Reyal Urbis in Pozuelo

The company won the bidding, with its offer of 10.7 million euros, in the auction for the liquidation of the assets of the now-defunct listed company.

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The construction company Acciona has been awarded a large batch of land, with a buildable surface area of just over 21,000 m2, from the assets that were left over following the liquidation of the now-extinct listed company Reyal Urbis. The land is located in Arpo (the Pozuelo Oeste Distribution Area), the last major area still to be developed in the Madrilenian town of Pozuelo, together with Montegancedo.

The batch of land comprises 12 plots valued at 10.7 million euros, spanning a surface area of around 74,500 square metres and a buildable surface area of around 21,800 square metres, for the construction of around 200 homes, according to El Confidencial.

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