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Ábalos Contradicts Podemos’s Proposal Regarding Large Property Owners

The Housing Minister has asked the PSOE's coalition partner "to forget policies of a confiscatory or expropriatory nature."

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The Minister for Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, has rejected Podemos’s proposal to reduce the definition of a large property owner to one that owns five properties in the future Housing Act, which his department is currently working on.

The minister has gone a step further and has asked the party to “forget any confiscatory or expropriatory policies”. The minister also referred to the decision taken by Barcelona City Council, which has sent a letter to 14 large property owners of 194 flats, advising them that if their properties have not been rented within a month, and are not in the process of being leased, having been vacant for more than two years, then they will face expropriation.

Read the full article in Spanish.


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