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90 Spanish Socimis Hold €46B in Real Estate

The Spanish market is home to more than 90 listed real estate investment companies. Those firms have multiplied the value of their assets in the years since 2013, growing from €100 million then to 46 billion euros today, according to the Bank of Spain.

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Spamish socimis, which are barely a decade old, have become a €46-billion business with a stock market value of over 27 billion euros. The firms are an adaptation of the classic Anglo-Saxon REITs which, although they were allowed for under legislation in Spain in 2012, only took off in 2013.

According to the latest data collected by the Bank of Spain, in a report prepared by Víctor García-Baquero and Irene Roibás, the Spanish market had 90 Socimis at the end of 2019 compared to just two companies six years ago.

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