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42% of Spaniards Are Thinking About Moving Home, According to Vía Célere

However, only 11% of Spaniards would complete an entire home purchase online, according to a study prepared by the property developer owned by Värde Partners.

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One of the company’s developments.

Every year, the property developer conducts a study into buying habits, which reveals trends in the market that it then investigates. In this way, this year, the study has revealed that 42% of Spaniards are planning to move home in the next five years; the main reason, to find a better home, which explains 54% of cases.

In terms of the conclusions of the study, it highlights the large gap that the online shopping process still has to overcome when it comes to buying a home, since only 11% of Spaniards would currently be willing to carry out the entire purchase process virtually.

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