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2021’s Leaders in Real Estate Investment in 2021, According to the Big Consultancy Firms

Experts from the consultancy firms EY, Knight Frank, JLL and KPMG have told Brainsre.news that there is plenty of liquidity in the real estate sector, but investors are waiting for further adjustments in many cases to asset prices.

Although 2021 began full of uncertainty, the first months of the year have left clues about the sectors on which investors will bet the most in the near future. Four top-tier consultancy firms have provided their forecasts for the coming quarters to Brainsre.news.

The firms EY, Knight Frank, JLL and KPMG, predict an increase in investment compared to the previous year. The experts emphasised the elevated interest in the build to rent and logistics sectors and the growth of a new trend: data centres.

According to Javier García-Mateo, the partner in charge of the Real Estate sector at EY’s Strategy and Transactions, says that so far this year, the real estate sector is going through a period of flux “because although there is a lot of liquidity, investors believe that prices and asset valuations have not yet adjusted sufficiently.”

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